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    Alessandro Macuz - Venezia  

“El lustrin”

In June 2009, after over ten years of experience in the field of conservation and restoration working for the last remaining historic Venetian carpentry company, I founded El Lustrin in which the culture of artisan traditions, technological innovation and eco-compatibility are perfectly balanced to offer effective, museum-standard solutions for the conservation of wooden furniture and fittings.

In the past, the lustrin took care of the maintenance and ensured the ‘good health’ of wooden furnishings in the city’s buildings. Methods and formulae were handed down from generation to generation to the present day. I have had the privilege of learning these techniques from the few remaining maestri.

Continuing the tradition of using the highest quality eco-friendly materials – such as shellac, sandarac, wax, alcohol, plaster and natural glues – has many advantages including the simplification of future maintenance and, above all, zero toxicity (shellac is used in food production) as opposed to industrial varnishes that leave toxic chemical residues in our houses.

it is worth investing in conservation: a badly conserved item deteriorates rapidly; and once a critical level of deterioration has been reached, it is lost forever.

My services are available for:

• Private clients
• Real estate managers
• Antique dealers
• Art galleries
• Architectural studios
• Private collectors
• Ecclesiastical bodies
• Foundations
• Public bodies
• Hotels
• Carpenters, cabinet makers and building contractors

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